About us

About the label
Mat lee is a fashion label that focuses on individuality. 

We produce less than 15 seasonal pieces and often release rare and exclusive limited-edition garments that are numbered.

We believe that fashion should be accessible for every age, body, and gender.

Garments are made to be worn by themselves or layered, they are relaxed and oddly shaped making them unique with a hint of hidden details. We offer timeless and unique pieces that are not the wardrobe basics.

There are no seasons and just collections, each piece is crafted to be seasonless. Garments will always fit back to previous collections, we strongly believe in slow fashion. We create Biannual collections.

Fabrics, designing, sampling, grading, cutting, and making are all done in Sydney, Australia.
All our garments are sewn by local families in Sydney, ethically made, and paid with fair wages.

Mat lee is now available for purchase in selected stores around Australia.
To become a stockist contact matleefashion@outlook.com
About the designer
Mat lee is an independent fashion designer, based in Sydney, Australia. Mat debuted at Australian fashion week in 2015 after graduating from the Fashion Design Studio TAFE NSW in the care of Nicholas Huxley. After showcasing in Sydney, Lee has showcased at the Powerhouse Museum, Fiji, and Dunedin fashion week. 

In 2016, Mat began working at Nicola Waite. Learning how to dress women of all sizes, shapes, and ages, Mat began experimenting with the idea that fashion should be inclusive.

In 2020, Mat Lee was established.

In 2022, Mat began working for Dinosaur Designs. Exposed to different colours and Art, Lee has experienced the importance of how art, colour, shapes and forms are curated together.

As an individual small company Mat currently sews, cuts, and patterns all samples. Garments with the "MAT LEE" label with neon orange thread are hand-sewn by Lee.

Mat believes that fashion is meant to be fun, quirky, and experimental.